Corporate Philosophy & Slogan

Aim of Establishment

Provide an enjoyable and pleasant workplace for all of our employees

Corporate Philosophy

Contribute to the development of society and our communities, providing people with a comfortable and affluent lifestyle, as well as pursuing material and spiritual happiness of employees.


  1. 1. Treat employees and customers with respect
  2. 2. Train and educate our employees
  3. 3. Maintain professionalism
  4. 4. Maintain focus on the customer
  5. 5. Focus on originality and ingenuity
  6. 6. Maintain a competitive spirit
  7. 7. Always maintain open communication
  8. 8. Take initiative and enjoy your work
  9. 9. Devote yourself to your colleagues
  10. 10. Always be thankful

Policies on Quality and Environment

  1. 1. Satisfy customer's needs
  2. 2. Improve global environment
  3. 3. Comply with laws and corporate ethics
  4. 4. Enhance energy efficiency
  5. 5. Improve systems day by day


Corporate Slogan

We utilize water better for daily life and for the future

This is a Takagi's Corporate Slogan to show our corporate attitude that we continue to fulfill our corporate responsibilities, not only for providing people with a comfortable and affluent life but also for contributing to the development of society and our communities.
"Life" is our fundamental and unchanging role since our corporation was founded ; to provide our customers with a convenient and comfortable daily life.
"Future" is our resolution to expand into broader fields and to achieve higher goals, prioritizing our customer's life. This is indicative of our corporate goals ; to positively create our new role to meet the global needs to the environmental issues such as water conservation and rooftop greenery, with our core fundamentals of being ahead of the industry.
"Utilize" is our action plan for the future ; to make the best of the power of water through the generation of employee's ideas and technologies, in order to vitalize our customers and society through water. "We utilize water better for daily life and for the future" - Through this corporate slogan, and the unified spirits of all of our employees, we are committed to our strict corporate values, as well as to our customers and to society.

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