“Smallest/lightest” in the history of Takagi hose reels. The hose on the nozzle side and faucet side is completely stored with a W reel. This is the ultimate compact design of a watering hose reel. It has a smooth surface and uses a “smooth hose” that reduces sticking to each other. The watering nozzle is also a light and compact straight type. The connection to the faucet is a one-touch connection that does not require any tools, just put it on the faucet and turn the dial. The taps mounted are horizontal faucets (faucet diameter 14-18mm), universal home faucets (faucet diameter 14-18mm).

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4975373 168229



●Smallest, lightest and convenient to carry * Compared to our company

Ideal handling for veranda gardening.
Easy to carry.

●Compact and easy to store

Both the nozzle side hose and the faucet side hose can be neatly wound up and stored.
Both the handle and the handle can be folded inward.
Compact and easy to store

●Easy installation without tools, easy operation with one touch.

If you squeeze it with a “click”, the water will flow through, and if you squeeze it with a “click” again, the water flow will be released and the water will stop. The base of the nozzle is variable. Since the angle changes, it is easy to water without worrying about the hose.
* The water shape varies depending on the water pressure.
The nozzle can be removed with a single touch.

△Please purchase nipples sold separately