Aurora Boxy Twister 30m

Box-type watering hose reel with detachable cover that protects the hose from the sun. It features a spiral structure that prevents twisting, has a smooth surface, and uses a “smooth hose” that reduces the sticking of hoses to each other. The connection to the faucet is a one-touch connection that does not require any tools, just put it on the faucet and turn the dial. The tap mounted is a horizontal faucet (tap diameter 14-18mm), an all-purpose home faucet.

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Aurora Boxy Twister 30m

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Twister hose that is hard to get tangled and resistant to twisting.

Store neatly without getting your hands dirty! The hose is easy to wind up

With a cover to prevent deterioration of the hose. It is detachable and the hose can be washed.
It can be wound with your dominant hand. You can set the orientation of the handle to the left or right.
The small window in the cover acts as a guide and can be rolled up neatly.
Since it has four legs, the main body is stable even when winding.

One-click water flow and shut-off! Easy to connect to the faucet!

4 water forms that can be used according to the application.
Just by squeezing the lever, you can easily pass and shut off the water continuously.
The nozzle can be attached and detached with a single touch. Brushes and sponges (sold separately) can be attached.

△Please purchase nipples sold separately