Bathroom Shower Head M and Hose Set with Stop

It is a plated type shower head with a hose that does not require tools and is easy to install. It is a water-saving low water pressure type that can add momentum to the shower even if the water pressure is low, and you can switch the water stop at hand by turning it on / off. It is a wide shower of water that gently wraps the entire head firmly and gently around the high-density soft skin with a thin stream of about 0.3 mm and an evenly arranged water. Hose length: 1.6m

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Bathroom Shower Head M and Hose Set with Stop

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A disgusting shower that feels gentle on the skin

It is a set product of hose (1.6m) and shower head.
It is a set product of hose (1.6m) and shower head.
Even with a small amount of water, it achieves a water pressure that feels good on the skin.

It can also be expected to have a water-saving effect.

It saves about 34% of water, which also saves money on utility bills.
* Comparative product: Our product JS115 (product sold in 2018)
You can easily operate the water flow and shut-off with the button at hand.
It is a fashionable plating specification.

Product Details

Product Details
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“We also handle white-collar products.
Kimochi Ishawa Pita Hose Set WT[Product number: JSB1122]”

Mounting method

It can be easily installed by simply connecting it with a hose nut.
Please check the shower elbow at home before ordering.
If the water cannot be shut off with the switching lever, please purchase a check valve adapter [Part number: JS431] (sold separately) to prevent backflow.
Please check the type of faucet in your home before ordering. Some faucets cannot be installed.

If you attach a chlorine removal capsule (sold separately), you can also use it as a water purification shower.

The water purification cartridge is easy to install.
Replacement water purification cartridge sold separately
Please purchase the chlorine removal capsule Miz-e (1 box of 2 pieces) [Product number: JSC001].
Removes chlorine and keeps skin moisturized
Removes chlorine and keeps skin moisturized