Bathroom Shower Head WT and Hose Set with Stop

Shower head with hose for easy installation without tools. It is a water-saving low water pressure type that can add momentum to the shower even if the water pressure is low, and you can switch the water stop at hand by turning it on / off. It is a wide shower of water that gently wraps the entire head firmly and gently around the high-density soft skin with a thin stream of about 0.3 mm and an evenly arranged water. Hose length: 1.6m

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Bathroom Shower Head WT and Hose Set with Stop

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A disgusting shower that feels gentle on the skin.

Ultra-fine water flow and dense skin contact. The water is wide and a gentle shower wraps you in.

Creepy shower 3 points

Screen with a hole diameter of 0.3 mm and 234 shower holes evenly arranged.
You can turn off the shower at hand. Approximately 34% hot water savings just by replacing the shower head (* compared to our conventional products)
It can be installed on bathroom faucets from any manufacturer. Adapter is also included.